Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Post.

Yay!! Finally after releasing my blog in Indonesian, and in English last year, now I'm back with Digikid in English. By its name, of course I'm going to update this blog in English, all English. No other language (except typo ofcourse).

Okay, let's start with the first post. I usually start with my profile although you can check it beside, haha

Well. I don't use my real name in the blog, you can call me simply digikid, I'm quite comfortable with that (in fact, I love it!), digi, or kid, is either ok.
Ehm.. This year I'm going to be 19 after my next birhtday (which is going to be in December). Well I live in Indonesia, North Sumatera, Medan. I'm currently studying at the North Sumatera University the second semester now, majoring in Chinese literature :)

Of course this is not my first blog. As mentioned above, I have blog in Chinese and blog in my mother language, Indonesian.
Talking about my hobbies? Well. I used to like blogging very much, up until the laziness 'attacked' me. Now I rarely updated my blog, probably about once in a month or worse for each blog :) I concentrate more in the Indonesian blog. Why? Of course, it's easier for me. Hahaha.

Oh yeah I used to like playing Go (Japanese chess) very much also. But now, again, since the laziness attacked me. I probably will play only once in a week.

Now I'm up into studying Chinese Caligraphy which I found out to be very fun. It is so so so so much fun. Since I love Chinese itself. :)
Hopefully I can be friends with everybody who loves blogging :)

Please leave some comments! ^^